February 22, 2018

Top BSN to MSN Programs in California

Top BSN to MSN Programs in California The top BSN to MSN Programs in California are designed nurses who wish to to improve their earning power with minimal investment. A Master of Science in Nursing degree prepares nurses for a variety of nursing careers, including a wide range of nurse management and leadership positions.

Details About the Top BSN to MSN Programs in California

The top BSN to MSN degree programs in California assume that students have already completed an undergraduate degree from an accredited nursing school. The graduate program builds on the skills that students with bachelor’s degrees should already have. Different specialties are available, including nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, nurse anesthesiologists and more.

Fantastic nursing programs are available at many campuses of California State University for a BSN to MSN nursing degree. CSU campuses at Chico and Humboldt are options in northern state areas, while in the south, San Diego State University also offers acclaimed undergraduate and graduate nursing schools. California Baptist University is a non-profit private school offering California BSN to MSN programs online, and also has an excellent NCLEX pass rate of about 90%. UCLA is one of the state’s top accredited schools, offering hundreds of bachelors and masters nursing degree programs, BSN to MSN degrees, direct entry Master of Science in Nursing Programs, and plenty of online degree opportunities. UCLA will almost surely have any nursing major that an undergraduate or graduate student is looking for, complete with a full medical research facility to assist with required clinical hours.

Financial Aid for the Top BSN to MSN Programs in California

Because California has an overall shortage of nurses, especially those with post-baccalaureate education, the state has amped up benefits and incentives for completing a California BSN to MSN programs. Scholarships, tax forgiveness loans, and both private and state-funded grants and loans are just a few examples of tuition assistance for BSN to MSN programs online or on-campus. However, it is important to review the facts for all of the top BSN to MSN programs in California being considered, because not all schools offer financial aid. This makes covering tuition and expenses much more challenging, because it demands that the student cover costs through scholarships, loans and other resources not regulated or distributed through the school itself. To encourage nursing students to work in critically under-staffed areas, especially under-served urban regions, generous financial assistance programs, scholarships and loan repayment plans serve as incentives. A few examples are the Nursing Scholarship Program, the Health Professions Education Foundation, and the Nursing Education Loan Repayment Program (NELRP). Whether online or on-campus, some of the best financial aid available is for top BSN to MSN programs in California.