February 22, 2018

What Can I Do With A MSN Degree?

What Can I Do With A MSN Degree?
Are you asking yourself ”what can I do with a MSN degree?” The first thing that you should do is learn about what exactly a MSN degree is and how you can earn one. Once you learn more about the MSN Programs that are available, you will have a better idea of why someone may pursue a Master of Science in Nursing.


Why Earn A MSN Degree?

A Master of Science in Nursing is also known as an MSN degree. This nursing degree takes a total of six years of nursing school to earn and prepares students for roles in Nursing Management and Leadership. Many students choose to first obtain their Associate of Science Degree as a Registered Nurse which also requires him or her to pass the NCLEX. Next, he or she may continue on to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing through an RN to BSN program. If he or she already possesses a Bachelor’s degree, a BSN to MSN program would be the next step. There are many accelerated or online MSN programs that are available for busy working nurses that will allow students to pursue career advancement while still working. These schools include Kaplan University and the University of San Francisco.

What Can I Do With a MSN Degree?

Luckily, a Master of Science in Nursing is one of the most marketable graduate degrees today and students asking “What can I do with a MSN degree?” should be excited and encouraged by their career prospects. The job outlook for someone who has earned a MSN is fantastic and unemployment rates are extremely low. Since a nurse with an advanced degree has a great deal of both educational and clinical experience, he or she is eligible for management opportunities. These opportunities may include working as a Clinical Care Leader or as a Nursing Administrator.

In addition to the career development that an advanced degree nurse can expect, he or she will also receive a salary increase. Since advance nurses are able to perform many of the same tasks as a doctor, it is inevitable that the salary is in accordance with their job description.

The next time you are pondering “What can I do with an MSN Degree?” remember that receiving such a degree is not only financially rewarding but also personally, as you will have the ability to provide specialized care to a large spectrum of people.