February 22, 2018

What is a BSN to MSN Program?

What is a BSN to MSN Program?If you are a nurse and you’re thinking about graduate school and furthering your education or if you’re an undergraduate considering a career in nursing then you may want to look into accelerated BSN to MSN programs or an online BSN to MSN program. BSN stands for Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing and MSN stands for Master’s of Science in Nursing.

After attending nursing school and graduating with a degree in nursing, students are then qualified to pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX). Students who then pursue an RN to BSN degree will learn about growth and development, anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, pathophysiology, administration, and nursing practice. In the BSN to MSN program, students learn how to fulfill management roles in nursing and how to perform critical thinking skills and decision making skills when diagnosing and evaluating illnesses.

Having your BSN or MSN will provide more job opportunities than just an Associate’s degree. Additionally, students who obtain their bachelor’s degree or their master’s degree enjoy more competitive salaries and more job security.

How to Find the Top BSN to MSN Programs

When looking for the best BSN to MSN programs or the best online BSN to MSN programs, doing research into each school is important. For each college research the tuition, curriculum, list of successful graduates and how long it will take to complete the program. Also look into the school’s ranking compared to other schools or nursing programs. If distance or a demanding work schedule is a problem, then an online program may be the best option. Walden University is an online college that offers the BSN to MSN track as well as specialty majors. Kaplan University is a another top university that offers a wide variety of graduate degree programs for RNs who are looking to expand their careers.

Careers and Salaries For Individuals With BSN to MSN Degrees

One of the best perks of an MSN degree is the increased salary. The salary of a nurse with an MSN degree is higher than that of a nurse who only has an associate’s degree or a BSN. The average salary for a nurse with a MSN degree is $82,000 and the average salary for a nurse with a BSN degree is $76,000.

The job outlook for nurses with their MSN or their BSN is better than nurses who hold an associate’s degree. An MSN degree can lead to many exciting careers such as a clinical nurse specialist, family nurse practitioner, or adult nurse practitioner.